The Kuvasz Club Of Canada - The National Breed Club for the Kuvasz

Official Canadian Kennel Club Standard For The Kuvasz 

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The Kuvasz temperament is unique and he is not a dog for everyone. Being a "working" breed, he is an excellent family dog, but since his job, over the centuries, has been most often to look after property and stock on his own, he is a very independent dog, who prefers to do things his way.

His devotion is complete, but it does not include mindless obedience. He is aloof with strangers, but will accept those his family approves. Among friends, he is a dog of intriguing character and charm, but he takes his duties as a guardian quite seriously. He responds best to lots of love mixed with structure..

The Kuvasz is a large, white dog of great beauty, strength and agility.

He stands approximately 66-75 cm. at the shoulder and weighs about 40-50 kilos. He has a medium length double coat with a coarse, wavy guard coat and a thick, woolly undercoat. He is always white, with dark brown eyes and a black nose, lips and pads. His skin should be slate grey. He is a very hardy dog, with great stamina and endurance.

He loves the cold and tolerates the heat.