Club History: 

Tom and Dorothy Grosart of Tall Grass Perm. Reg'd Kennels 1962. 

Antonia Greenwood, Lothlorien kennels. Toni bought her first kuvasz from Tall Grass in 1964. She has served as past president and wrote the constitution and by-laws and formed the incorporation. The Canadian standard was written from the translation that Richard Toth (Christwalt Kennels ) did from the Hungarian FCI Standard.

She has served on the CKC Breed Standards Committee for several years in Calgary. She is also an all breed Judge. Toni is retired and lives in Dundalk, Ontario, loved and owned by kuvasz Katie. Mistral Farm, One Old Cat, One Old Dog and One Old Lady.

Margaret McNaughton, Pitcairlie Kennels, secretary-treasurer. Bought her first Kuvasz from Tall Grass in 1969.

Helen Fitzpatrick, Wessenden Kennels. Bought her first kuvasz from Tall Grass in 1971. She served as newsletter editor and advisor. 

Darla Lofranco, Lofranco Perm. Reg'd Kennels. Bought her kuvasz from Tall Grass in 1975. She has served as past assistant Editor. Left the KCC in 1981 and founded the Kuvasz Club of Ontario.