The Kuvasz Club Of Canada - The National Breed Club for the Kuvasz

Objectives of the Club

1. To promote knowledge and understanding of the breed.

2. To set and maintain high standards of ethical behaviour.

3. To assist in breeding programs, to foster knowledge of canine care and training among our members.

4. To come to the aid of the kuvaszok in distress, whenever possible.

5. To promote a laison body between kuvasz owners across Canada.

.6. To publish a newsletter not less than four times a year.

‚ÄčThere are two ways to join the Kuvasz Club Of Canada.

Online form and printable form.  Please see both below.

Make cheque payable to the Kuvasz Club of Canada for an annual fee of $ 25.00 if you are a new member and $20.00 if you are a returning member before March 1st of the year you are joining for.

Send your printed out membership application or renewal and your cheque to the address below:

Kuvasz Club Of Canada


Amber Kunz 
79169 Bluewater Hwy. RR 2

Goderich, Ont.

N7A 3X8

If you prefer to join using the online form go ahead and fill out the form below.  We now accept credit card payments through PayPal. Please make sure you declare below that you would like to use credit card to pay and we will send you an email link.